Monday February 1 2016 EMC launched the annual list of members of the EMC Elect. The list represents a group of passionate ambassadors of the EMC community. You should have been able to follow each and every one of them and their insights on EMC related hard- and software on their websites, blogs, ECN, Twitter, LinkedIn and probably more channels than I just mentioned.

Being part of the EMC Elect 2016 batch I can say that we reflect a passionate group of geeks who’s not afraid to share what’s on our mind and use the amazing world of social networking to discuss current topics. But also in person meetings are possible if you visit EMC World, VMworld or any of the EMC Forum events throughout the world. Last September we even had a meeting with a small group of about 10 EMC Elect members in the Boston area! We might not always be visible in real life, but send us a tweet and I’m sure you’ll get a response quickly!

If you think you can be part of this group, just keep an eye out for us at various events that we just might visit. The best example is probably EMC World in Las Vegas, so don’t be shy and visit us in person or virtually on the web somewhere!

Oh, if you want to reach out to us, use the #EMCElect handle on twitter! You will be noticed!!

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