Rob KoperWelcome to my blog. I am RRR which is an alias I’ve been using since 1995 when I made my first little steps on that thing called the internet.

My real name is Rob Koper and I live in the province of Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands, or Holland as some people still call it, although technically the provinces North and South Holland are just a small portion of the country. If you want to know why calling my country Holland is not correct, take a look here: the difference between Holland and the Netherlands. And here you can see the history of the Netherlands.

I’m working as a SAN and Storage Consultant for Open Line Consultancy in the Netherlands since 2004.

I’m currently certified for Dell EMC VNX, Unity, VMAX, VMAX3, VMAX All Flash, PowerMAX, Recoverpoint, Isilon, Avamar, VPLEX, Connectrix (Cisco / Brocade) and I’m a USPEED.

Since 2003 I’m trying to get started on the Cisco infrastructure stuff (CCNA and more) and some VMware certifications, but I seem to be too busy in the Dell EMC and Pure Storage and SAN world for now.

Way back in the dark ages (the 90s), I was a Novell Netware fan (and certified CNE) and SCO Unix Openserver admin and I even assembled my share of personal computers and “servers” before that, but I slowly storage VMotioned myself to the world of Storage and SAN, which I still enjoy a lot.

I love networking with other people and I’m an active member of DECN, the Dell EMC Community Network and you can find me on Twitter as well (@50mu).


50muAnd what’s with this 50 mu? Well, mu is the Greek letter u (with that extra brush of the pen to start the u) and it’s pronounced as “mu”. Mu stands for the English word “micron” and I’m sure many of you now (finally) know what 50mu stands for. It’s the width of the core of a fiber optic patch cable as commonly used in SANs. My little Twitter avatar reflects the Greek letter quite good.

I’m one of the 10 EMC Elect founders (November 2012) who judged the nominees of the Elect 2013, I was therefore part of the actual first batch of 10 EMC Elect members who elected the first 75 EMC Elect 2013. I’m also a member of the EMC Elect 2014 and for 2015 I was once again part of the judging team and Elect 2015 member. In 2016 I made it again and that makes it 4 in a row for me. Since 2017 the Elect are called Dell EMC Elect (what’s in a name?) and I’m one of the founders! I’m once again honored to be part of this great group of people! After 2017 the Elect honorary title has unfortunately come to a standstill.

Another group I’ve been part of over the years is the Tech Field Day community. TFD covers existing manufacturers, startups, renewed products, new products, anything technical. Similar to the old Dell EMC Elect, but well beyond Dell EMC! I find it an interesting bunch of highly focussed people.

I’m was an active member of the EMC eServices Customer Council from January 2012 to 2016. After the Dell / EMC merger the council was restarted and from september 2017 until now I’m once again an active member of this Customer Council.

My posts, tweets, opinions and comments are my own and are not reviewed or approved by anyone else but me.


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