Converting SPcollect files into XLS

Converting SPCollect files into XLS or “How to run javascript on the command line”

Converting EMC SPcollect files into a readable Excel spreadsheet can be done by a js script named “ArrayConfigToXLS.js”. When you install USM (Unisphere Service Manager) a folder called C:\EMC will be created (or on another location since you can specify where this will be created). In that folder a sub-folder called “repository” exists and one of the files you’ll find there is “ArrayConfigToXLS.js”.

Take one of the two SPcollect files (Clariion or VNX), open the zip file and look for the file CKM[serial]SP[A_or_B]_[date]_[time]_[some_number] and open that zip file. Look for the file called “SPA_arrayconfig.xml”; sort on extension and pick that xml, that’s easier, since it will be the only xml there.

Copy that xml to c:\EMC\repository, open a CLI (e.g. CMD.exe) and type:

cscript ArrayConfigToXLS.js SPA_arrayconfig.xml SPA_arrayconfig.xls

The “script” will allow you to run the “js” script and the outcome is that an XLS will be created. Now open the XLS in your favorite spreadsheet application and you’ll find the configuration of your EMC array!

  1. Awesome, exactly what I need. I was trying to get this sort of data using navisexcli and format it to csv using perl. Thanks!!

  2. philjusthost

    Excellent tip – thanks

  3. datingsidor - trackback on December 3, 2014 at 01:21
  4. Oh, for those that are missing where that folder “c:\emc\repository” comes from: install USM and there it is!

  5. hi, i followed your way to create the Excel file (after multi attempts off Usm), but I am getting a message the MS Console based script host has stopped working. this crashes after 20-30secs, and i tried on both SP’s Xml files.
    also, i attempted running on 2 machines, {32 &64bit} with Office 10+ (64bit) and other Office16 (32bit). the message (crash) appears the same on both machines. Any idea? tnx.

  6. Please disregard my previous post. I discovered the Spcollect files were corrupted (can’t tell how b/c they unzipped just fine), but ran it on another set of Zip/Xml and it ran just fine.. tnx.

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