Create and retrieve spcollect files from the command line (VNX)

Java, it’s a curse. And now you suddenly need to upload the spcollect files to EMC and Java isn’t installed or incompatible and Unisphere won’t start.

Now what?

Make sure you have NAVISECCLI installed and just do it from the CLI!

First list the files you actually can download from the VNX:

naviseccli -h VNX-SPA managefiles -list

Also run this command on SPB. Then browse through the list of files and look for a recent spcollect file and let’s asume you can’t find a recent one.

The next step in this case would be to create a new set of spcollect files:

naviseccli -h VNX-SPA spcollect

And like before, also run this on SPB.

Now wait for 15 minutes (this can vary since busy and large machines can take much longer than for example small and hardly used machines). Run the list command again to see if a new file was created, e.g. “”.

When new spcollect file are ready to be downloaded, run the following retrieval command:

naviseccli -h VNX-SPA managefiles -retrieve -file

Repeat this on SPB, as you probably want both spcollect files, but be aware that the filename will be different!

The 2 spcollect files are now in the folder you ran the commands from.

  1. Martin McDonnell

    Hopefully this thread is still being monitored. I ran the manageflles -retreive -file xxx. It fails. get the message back
    First option must be a subcommand.

    • I’ll dig into this asap and reply with the correct syntax. Hang in there!

      • I ran the following command and it worked:
        naviseccli -h -user admin -password somepassword -scope 2 managefiles -retrieve -file

        I changed the ip, username, password and filename for security reasons. The command worked fine!

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