New Dell EMC Unity lineup: Unity XT 380F, 480F, 680F and 880F?

While looking for something totally different I stumbled on a few new Unity XT (?) model numbers.

On this website I spotted some Chinese publication on this new model.

[edit] The new and working website is now working:

None of the Links actually work (I checked), but I did find some details on another website:

There’s also a Unity XT simulator (in Chinese, which is a bit rusty on my end, I admit):, but when playing the video it appears that’s about the current model.

I’m curious when more details will come out and the links actually start working

  1. I see the URLs now contain the old Unity line, so I expect more news this week when they probably announce the new Unity XT.

  2. On the Dell EMC website the specs of the new Unity XT are visible:

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