How to get a Brocade switch configured for Dell EMC SRS (ESRS)

Perform a

esrsconfig -show

to check whether the settings are saved to te switch. If the switch shows this output:

fcsw-01:admin> esrsconfig –show


ESRS Server IP:
ESRS Server Port: 9443
Product Serial Number: BRCCCD1946R04G
Product Model Number: SWITCH-BROCADE-B-GW
Status: Device is not Managed by ESRS

ESRS is not yet active.

To activate, the switch needs to be added to the ESRS_VE config by using this command:

esrsconfig –add  -user <DELL EMC_username> -password <DELL EMC_password>

the output should be:

Request Approved

Note:    Use the username and password which is associated with the DELL EMC account credentials.

Now the status should switch to

Device is manged by ESRS   (esrsconfig  – -show)

This could take up to 5 minutes.

To check if the device is actually known to Dell EMC, contact the Dell EMC CE to check if the device call home is received at their end. Use the following command to issue a test dial home:

esrsconfig –testcall

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