EMC announces the “EMC Elect” community recognition!

People networks, forums, blogs, social networks, it’s all about “the community” and now EMC will officially recognise those who have contributed to this community in an outstanding way. EMC is looking for those that have been extraordinary, enthusiastic, crowd pleasing and who are especially focused on EMC technologies.

EMC Elect

So what is EMC Elect?
• Community-driven, peer-nominated recognition program
• Acknowledgement of distinguished contributions to the EMC community over the past year
• There will be a Series of exclusive benefits for honorees
• A thank you from the EMC community

What’s in it for you? What do EMC Elect earn?
• Public recognition and status
• Exclusive content and opportunities
• Privileged access and private communication channels

Specifically, you’ll have:
• Exclusive engagement with Engineering organizations
• Prioritization in most Beta & Roadmap discussions
• VIP treatment at EMC World and other events
• Curated content in your private community

So the only thing left to do is start nominating those who you think deserve to be selected to be EMC Elects! How? Fill out the form on http://emc.im/SHmsYV and don’t hesitate to nominate more than one specific person. Everybody who’s made an outstanding contribution earns to be nominated!


Would you like to know more specifics?

  1. Visit the EMC Elect space on the EMC Community Network AKA “ECN” to learn about the public positioning of the program
  2. Nominate those employees, customers, and partners who you feel contribute significantly to the overall EMC community
  3. Spread the word about this opportunity through your social networks (like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+)

EMC Elect
Nominate people who made distinguished contributions through the form on http://emc.im/SHmsYV!

You can send the link of the form (http://emc.im/SHmsYV) to peers.

Also take a look at what others have to say about EMC Elect:

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  1. EMC Elect – A Founder is Me | GeekFluent - pingback on November 15, 2012 at 14:01
  2. Less than 1 week to go. Let’s keep the nominations flowing in!

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