VCE announces new vBlock models

Thursday February the 21st VCE announced new models in the successful vBlock productline. VCE, formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel, is a leader in converged cloud infrastructure systems. On Thursday February the 21st 2013 new models were added to the existing 300 and 700 models. The latest additions are the vBlock 100, 200, 320 and 720.

The vBlock 100 targets the Mid-sized Data Centers and decentralised offices. A vBlock 100 doesn’t have to be a full 42U rack: the smallest in the 100 series is called the 100BX, which comes with a 24U cabinet. Its slightly larger brother is the 100DX, which comes in a full height 42U cabinet. You can read more about model 100 here: vBlock 100 overview.pdf

The vBlock 200 targets growing mid-sized companies. Examples of its capabilities are VDI or Unified Communications. You can read more about the model 200 here: vBlock 200 overview.pdf

The vBlock 300 enables the use of large virtualization and cloud configurations. You can choose from a variety of EMC VNX models for your storage needs, so that’ll be the VNX 5300, 5500, 5700 and the 7500 with up to 1000 drives! The core of the network can be formed by Cisco 5548UP or 5596UP switches and the Cisco MDS 9148 for the SAN connectivity.
You can read more about the latest addition to the 300 range, which is the 320 here: vBlock 320 at a glance.pdf

The vBlock 700is the high end system that VCE offers. Its latest addition is the 720. With twice the performance and scalability of the previous 700 model, the 720 supports the largests cloud environments and thousands of virtual machines. The main difference with the 300 range is the storage. The 700 range now comes with EMC VMAX 10k, 20k or 40k and can offer VNX VG2 or VG8 gateways as well. the core of the network can be the Cisco Nexus 7010 chassis, the 5548UP or the 5596UP switches. For Fibre Channel connectivity the Cisco MDS9148 or MDS9513 can be used. The data sheet can be found here: vBlock 720 datasheet.pdf
More generic information on the 720 can be found here: vBlock system 700


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