We present you: the first batch of EMC Elect members

November 15, 2012 marked the beginning or a new era. On that day EMC announced the start of their community recognition program called EMC Elect. From that day on until December 15 all of you were able to nominate peers that have proven to be real experts in their fields, but most importantly tell the world about that. These community experts are people who are using all sorts of open channels to tell the community about their findings about EMC related products, whether this is a VMAX 40k or a VNXe or software like Networker or Documentum (to name just a few) and anything else they wrote about or told the general public about.

Being one of the 10 EMC Elect Founders I found myself in a position where we had to review all nominations that all of you sent us. You had exactly 1 month to show your respect to that one (or more) particular person(s) that deserved the exclusive title of “EMC Elect 2013“. After December 15, 2012 it took us more than 3 weeks to dig through all the forms that you sent us and actually check out if what you wrote about these community experts was in fact true. I sure felt like a 21st century Sherlock Holmes on certain days. Try to imagine having to check out ECN (the EMC Community Network), but also Linked In, Twitter, a couple of tens of blog websites, Youtube, Facebook, Google+, but also sites about events (like EMC Forum or company websites) to see if videos or blogs actually exist of the people that presented stories to an audience. It’s been hard work, very hard work indeed and the 10 of us had many discussions about which nominations would eventually become EMC Elect and which not.

During a 1 hour TweetChat session held on January 15 from 11AM EST the first batch of EMC Elect was officially presented to the world. These 75 people set the bar to aim for (and possibly defeat) in the years to come. Check out the official EMC Elect page to find out who the EMC Elect members of 2013 are.

If you think certain people should have been added to the list, make sure they get nominated in the next nomination round at the end of this year. There will be plenty or communication about the next EMC Elect nomination rounds, but first: congratulations to the EMC Elect 2013! We’re proud of you! Let’s make 2013 yet another fantastic community year!!!

EMC Elect 2013

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