EMC Elect 2015: who is on the list this year?

EMC Elect 2015

And then there were 102

A little bit later than usual, but the list has been made public. I want to stress that again this year every single person on the list was chosen because of their contribution to the community in 2014, whether that’s Twitter, a personal blog site, ECN (EMC Community Network), speaking in public or any other form of knowledge transfer of EMC products or services to the public community. Did I say public? Yes: every single person on the list has made an immense effort in trying to reach a broad audience. The most common ways to evangelize knowledge about EMC “stuff” are probably Twitter, ECN and blogging, but any other form of doing so is highly appreciated.

EMC Elect 2015 – the list

The judges have done yet another great job in going through hundreds of nominations and reviewing each and every nominee to see if he or she is Elect worthy.

Take a look at the official announcement on ECN: https:/community.emc.com.

I know that Mr Henry has done an excellent job with some number crunching again (what fraction is EMC, what fraction is EMC partner, customer or independent and some stats on the Elect over the last three years). Take a look at his blog at geekfluent.com.


Talking about the EMC Elect Advocate program

If you are curious what being EMC Elect could mean for you and your network, feel free to contact me or any of the other judges, or any of your EMC contacts. We’re willing to explain what it needs, but also means to be recognized as a knowledge sharing community member.


What does it take to be Elect?

If you want a shot at this recognition title, make sure somebody nominates you, or do it yourself! There’s absolutely no shame in self-nomination, since your efforts will be evaluated by the judging team anyway. And if they find that your effort is publically available and up to a certain standard, they you’ll get points. And if you are in the top, you just might become Elect next year! So do your best and make a difference!

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