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EMC World 2014 discount codes available – first come, first serve

EMC World 2014 discount

On behalf of EMC Elect 2014 I’m able to provide three (3) discount codes for the upcoming EMC World 2014, in Las Vegas. Its worth is $150, so if you haven’t registered yet, contact me and I’ll help you getting this nice discount.

But don’t hesitate too long, the codes will only be valid until April 7th!

EMC Elect 2014: here we are!

Elect 2014

It’s that time again: 2013 has past and a lot of vendors have nominations running on who their most loyal “servants” were in the past year. All large vendors do this and even Cisco joined the ranks with their Cisco Champions appreciation program. Microsoft has its MVP, VMware is known for the vExperts and since last year EMC has their Elect group.

EMC Elect 2014

Compared to 2013 the group has grown a little bit from 75 to 80 members and the list consists of some great minds that you might have met over the past 12 months. Some of them are hyper active on Twitter, some on ECN, EMC’s own Community Network (the forums) and some (or most) simply write what’s on their minds on their blog websites.

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Cisco anounces their Data center Champions for 2014

Cisco Champions badge

Cisco Data center Champions 2014

Just like other big IT names like VMware with their vExpert, Microsoft with their MVP and since last year EMC with their Elect, now Cisco started their own community appreciation program called Cisco Champions. I want to focus on Data center Champions in particular since that’s the business I’m in myself. I’m not (much) into Cisco Data center networking technologies myself (yet), other than SAN related Fibre Channel equipment, but I’d like to dedicate this post to the start of this new community appreciation program nevertheless. The “community” is all that matters these days, right? Sharing knowledge to enhance the community “brain” as a whole. Being part of the 10 original founders of the EMC Elect I know how important proper communication can be for new programs like this and since Amy Lewis was kind enough to invite Allen Ward, Sergey Kamenetskiy and myself to shine in one of the “Engineers Unplugged” series in May 2013 in Las Vegas during EMC World, I thought, let’s return the favor and promote the Cisco Champions a bit, hoping for more collaboration and improvement of the awareness that even though social networking is some way of “virtual presence to people you might not even know”,  if your network is large enough it can also be seen as your online think-tank.

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Social acknowledgement: Cisco Champion for Datacenter

Cisco does Social Media recognition

It didn’t come as a surprise: after Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert and the relative new EMC Elect program, Cisco just started another social champions program called “Cisco Champion for Datacenter”.

Who is that typical Cisco Champion? You’ve got to have passion and the desire to share your perspectives with the community. Cisco Champions are spread all over the world. Champions represent various segments across the whole IT industry and they spend their own private time to help others.

In addition to sharing their insights and expertise, Cisco Champions make a difference by:

  • Supporting their peers in social communities, forums and networks
  • Sharing their relevant experiences and thoughts on Cisco blogs
  • Providing valuable feedback directly to Cisco
  • And even more (so they say, but exactly what is still unclear)

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EMC Elect 2013 is almost over, 4 more weeks to nominate the 2014 batch

History in the making

Last year around this time EMC worked with the 10 Elect founders (including me) to get blog posts, tweets and Facebook messages out into the world to get people to nominate people who they found deserved it to be member of the so-called EMC Elect 2013. In the storage world nobody heard of this initiative yet and it was a 0 – 100 cold start which took a huge amount of effort to gain momentum, but I think we did well and the momentum is there! Even after the initial 75 Elect members were known in January, every single one of them promoted this program to friends, family, colleagues and even EMC people to make sure that the next round was going to be a running start instead of a cold one.

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EMC Midrange Mega Launch: the new VNX

Midrange Mega Launch 2013: #Speed2Lead in real life!

Although the Clariion platform was a great platform a couple of years ago, the constant growth of customers’ environments and their need for more performance automatically means that storage vendors constantly need to improve their products as well. EMC VNX was able to serve customers just right for the last few years. With the introduction of flash storage in storage arrays performance issues seemed gone, but know that flash devices can easily outperform any rotating device (disk) by 20, 30, maybe even 50 times and depending on the I/O pattern, the back-end of an array could be a serious bottleneck since it wasn’t originally designed for performance demands like that and the old FLARE that ran on the CPUs wasn’t sufficient for the performance demand. So although FAST VP helps getting hot data to performance efficient devices and cold data to the slower and cheaper devices, it’s obvious that the array technology needed to be upgraded. And just like every 3 years or so, the necessity for new technology has come.

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Las Vegas 2013 – the Valley of Fire

Friday May 10: Valley of Fire

We discussed it on ECN since February I think and I managed to get 2 more people interested in taking this trip with me: Allen Ward and Mark Browne. Since it was only an hour North of Las Vegas we decided not to start the day too early and we had a small but tasty little breakfast at “Cafe Presse”, next to the V-bar (there are more than 1 in the Venetian/Palazzo building). We rented a VW Jetta (I think) and we drove off to our little 1 day adventure. The more we drove away from Vegas, the more the desert and its heat impressed us. It took about half an hour to reach the highway exit and another half an hour on a bumpy road to reach the National Park entry point. The sight was amazing. Red rock everywhere you looked, but also red, grey and I even spotted some blue and yellow.Valley of Fire

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EMC World 2013 – day 4

A little late, but better late than never. This last EMC World post has been sitting in my drafts, knowing two of my coleagues already posted theirs about the exact same thing that I wanted to talk about. And since I don’t want to play copy cat, I’m going to refer to their posts. That seems the best thing to do.

EMC World 2013, day 4

Thursday is traditionally (half) a day to say goodbye to the many old and new friends, visit some last day sessions, leave the hotel and head back to the airport, but this year I planned ahead and I decided to stay a bit longer for some quality time with the EMC Elect: My plane wouldn’t leave until Saturday afternoon!! I had to switch hotels though from the fancy and luxurious Venetian to the hotel next door “Harrah’s”. It’s a huge step down, but Harrah’s does what it’s supposed to do and that’s offering me a bed to sleep.

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EMC World 2013 – day 3

EMC World 2013, day 3


Sergey and RobWednesday started with breakfast in the great food room in the basement. I don’t know any other name for this enormous place. And for the second time this week I ran into Sergey on my way there. I think he was following me around, I’m not sure. Hmmmm.

Engineers unplugged

The whole day Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) was running around preparing for her “engineers unplugged” video shoots and white board sessions in the EMC Elect lounge. Read more »

EMC Elect 2014, the nominations are open!

During EMC World 2013 feedback from many community members indicated that the first nomination period was just too short in order to attract a decent amount of attention for this new program.

EMC Elect Nominations are open

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EMC World 2013 – day 2

EMC World 2013, day 2

Being one of the Elect has its advantages. And so I watched the whole Tucci keynote show from our exclusive lounge area and I wasn’t the only one. I guess about 10 or 15 other Elect members had the exact same idea and saw it all on our wide screen tv. Sipping from a double espresso, enjoying the show. It was all about transforming. Again. Wasn’t that what last year was about too? Well, this time it’s about transforming the organisation to be prepared for the cloud. Everything at EMC World is about software defined storage and cloud and getting certified for all that.

Super hero the XYZ men

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EMC World 2013 – day 1: SuperNAP and Cisco

EMC World 2013, day 1: SuperNAP and Cisco

SuperNAP PowerSuperNAP Stargate

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Spring 2013 is finally taking off!

Winter is coming going

And now for a little non-technical post from me: over here, in Europe, we’ve been suffering from a long period of time we call “winter”, although having 5C / 41F in March and April is way below average. Last week we enjoyed a day of above 15C / 59F and this week it seems temperatures are finally staying at reasonable levels. We’re able to go outside without a coat and even stay there a while without getting cold!

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Fibre Channel Routing: EMC Ask the Expert on ECN

Fibre Channel Routing

From Monday April the 15th to May 1st 2013 EMC is hosting yet another “Ask the Expert” discussion on ECN. This time it’s about Fibre Channel Routing.

What is it, what’s it used for and how do you know if you want it?

Take a look at the discussion and join me and my friends Allen Ward and Mr Dynamox on ECN!

And although we close the topic on May 1st, we’ll wrap up LIVE from EMC World in Las Vegas in the EMC Elect corner! So if you’re there from May 6 to May 9, make sure to look out for us. As far as I know the Elect corner will be next to the Blogger’s area, close to the Pavillion.

EMC World 2013, the final countdown has started!

The countdown has started

Just 3 weeks and a few days to go and it’s EMC World again! Time to meet my old and new friends and finally getting some rays. the one thing I’ve been missing the last few weeks it’s the sun and I guess most Europeans agree with me. Don’t know what it’s like in other parts of the world, but I certainly need more heat than what we’re having now.

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What is trending in Q1 and what can we expect in Q2 of this year?

What was trending in Q1 of 2013 and what can we expect in Q2?

I made a few observations over the past weeks and I’m seeing a few topics that got my attention:

  1. EMC now has a community appreciation program called EMC Elect and I’m one of the 10 original founders! I blogged about that here:
  2. EMC announced new SAS drives for the formerly FC-only based VMAX
  3. VCE announced new vBlock models. I wrote a little blog post here:
  4. a new Cloud Solution from EMC: VMAX CE. I wrote a blog about that too here:
  5. EMC VFCache is transformed into ExtremSF and faster and larger products will be made available. Also the XtremSW software suite is introduced that eventually is able to use third party flash card to be used as cache or DAS storage
  6. EMC introduces its XtremIO, all flash array with true inline deduplication

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We present you: the first batch of EMC Elect members

November 15, 2012 marked the beginning or a new era. On that day EMC announced the start of their community recognition program called EMC Elect. From that day on until December 15 all of you were able to nominate peers that have proven to be real experts in their fields, but most importantly tell the world about that. These community experts are people who are using all sorts of open channels to tell the community about their findings about EMC related products, whether this is a VMAX 40k or a VNXe or software like Networker or Documentum (to name just a few) and anything else they wrote about or told the general public about.

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EMC announces the “EMC Elect” community recognition!

People networks, forums, blogs, social networks, it’s all about “the community” and now EMC will officially recognise those who have contributed to this community in an outstanding way. EMC is looking for those that have been extraordinary, enthusiastic, crowd pleasing and who are especially focused on EMC technologies.

EMC Elect

So what is EMC Elect?
• Community-driven, peer-nominated recognition program
• Acknowledgement of distinguished contributions to the EMC community over the past year
• There will be a Series of exclusive benefits for honorees
• A thank you from the EMC community

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