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Cisco becomes a storage vendor

Twitter, Facebook, Google+… it’s all over the (social) news

Wednesday September 11 it was all over the news: all my popular news resources mentioned in one way or the other that Cisco is now into storage. The “Software Defined Data Center” buzz word is “buzzing” since the beginning of 2013, at least I didn’t hear much of it before that.

Many companies (including my employer Open Line Consultancy with Storage As A Service and Backup As A Service) already do business this way for years, it’s just that all of a sudden it has a popular name that everybody’s using since this year. But thinking about clouds with automated processes to fine tune and schedule every wish for storage, cpu or memory has really become popular. And with Cisco now acquiring Whiptail, this vendor will now be able to participate in this rising market space.

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What is trending in Q1 and what can we expect in Q2 of this year?

What was trending in Q1 of 2013 and what can we expect in Q2?

I made a few observations over the past weeks and I’m seeing a few topics that got my attention:

  1. EMC now has a community appreciation program called EMC Elect and I’m one of the 10 original founders! I blogged about that here:
  2. EMC announced new SAS drives for the formerly FC-only based VMAX
  3. VCE announced new vBlock models. I wrote a little blog post here:
  4. a new Cloud Solution from EMC: VMAX CE. I wrote a blog about that too here:
  5. EMC VFCache is transformed into ExtremSF and faster and larger products will be made available. Also the XtremSW software suite is introduced that eventually is able to use third party flash card to be used as cache or DAS storage
  6. EMC introduces its XtremIO, all flash array with true inline deduplication

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