EMC World 2015: my plans for the week (thinking out loud)

It’s that time of the year again: EMC World in Las Vegas, which takes place from May 4 to May 7. And this year I’m not going unprepared again. So I made a list of do’s and don’ts, so I can more easily pick the best way to spend my precious time. Are YOU going too?

So what’s my week about?

When I arrive in Vegas after having 2 layovers in London and Dallas, I’m probably half asleep. Because of the 9 hour time difference I’m sure I will sleep at very odd hours and be awake at even worse hours. I just hope I’m not sleepwalking through the casino, since I don’t even like gambling. Although it would be funny to wake up, finding out that I’ve won a few grand, right? My stay in Sin City will start with a packed two days filled with meetings. Yes: working on the Saturday and Sunday: it’s all part of the game! And that day I already have a meeting conflict, but the week will have plenty of opportunity to catch up with old friends, so I’m not worried there.

On Sunday, after my last meeting I will pick up my EMC World bag (I just hope it’s better than last year’s, so just to be sure, I’ll take my 2012 back pack with me as well, because that was for sure the best I’ve seen in my three visits so far). On Sunday evening I most likely will join the Dutch Delegation crew for the opening dinner/reception at the Triple George Grill. This will be a perfect end of the weekend: Sunday night, finally some R&R after a packed weekend of work and finally meeting the other Dutch dudes and dudettes.

Monday Madness

Ok, so what was my first session again and where? Help! Should I start relaxed with some novice wake-up sessions (and hope I don’t fall asleep) or jump right in the deep to get pumped and filled with adrenaline at an expert session which I can’t remember three sessions later? I should take notes! Did I bring my laptop / iPad? I shouldn’t forget my extra battery packs this time!!! I could bring my XtremIO pocket edition just to be sure:


Redefine.next. What does that even mean?

One could say that EMC is not happy with who and what I am and I need to redefine myself? Should I once again turn myself into Flash Gordon? Meh, that was last year! So it’s about clouds? I think being in Las Vegas is not about clouds at all. It’s a desert! And we all know there’s no clouds over a desert in May (well, most of the time). Public cloud, private cloud, thunder-cloud and rain cloud and even snow clouds. My guess is that the US has seen too much snow in the last 2 winters, so let’s just leave the snow out, ok? So what are we talking about here? Hybrids? I know the energy-efficient cars are still hybrids these days, but hybrid clouds? I haven’t seen a cloud charging itself yet. EMC needs to explain this to me. It sure sounds promising, this hybrid cloud thing.

Tuesday Proven

And while I’m there, why not take an exam or two? Or three. They’re free anyway! So which one is still on my list? Hmmmm. Any cloud exams? It’s good to see the Proven community has become very popular and I love it that it lifts the level of knowledge to a higher level of all of us.

EMC Elect

One of the things I am certain of is that the Elect lounge will be very crowded this year. And it should be. All that awesomeness, packed together on the leather couches, talking to peers, discussing new technologies (or the fun of flying drones); people watching the big screens, while enjoying a cup of coffee (or tea), while the rest of the 15,000 people will have to watch the shows live, having to wait in line to get in the room and again to get out afterwards. Well, it’s live and maybe you’ll get wet from all those rain clouds and snow and lighting flashes they’ll be throwing at you. We’ll see where I will be. In fact, both places are actually pretty nice to be. Just make sure you’re in time, otherwise you’ll be all the way in the back and front seats are always better.

Knowledge sharing awards

On Tuesday at 6:15PM the “knowledge sharing awards” show takes place. Every year people who wrote a Nobel prize-winning article about their journey into the clouds (oh, wait, I promised no clouds) are honored and given lots of presents. Also there’s a raffle and you just might win an iPad, MacBook or a battery pack for your new Apple iWatch. It’s technology and we love it, right? So be there! You might end up on stage!!

Wednesday, music day

Music is good. Always. If it’s not good, it’s not music. And this year EMC invited Robbie Williams over to entertain us. Oh wait? Did I get that wrong? Who’s coming? Who? The Who? Well, that’s a pleasant surprise! Tommy for president! Or maybe Tommy is going for the (pinball) wizard status. IT people like wizards. Well, now and then. At least they are getting better compared to 15 years ago! So is that this “redefine.next” thing? Just a new wizard that will magically put a spell on us all? Did I mention that I really like Gandalf? Anyway, I’ve heard that “Fall out boy” and “One republic” will be the entertainment. I must admit, I had to Google these bands (again): I must be getting old. And if not, I sure hope to last a few more decades 🙂

old is not better. Not always.

Thursday, lame day. Or not?

People are mostly tired from last night’s concert and the first if not all sessions are not that popular anymore. In the past I’ve seen some people going home already while the last sessions haven’t even started yet! But it’s actually the perfect time to catch the latest news and be able to ask questions, without dozens of people standing in the way to do the same, so you’re missing the next session. No, Thursday is a good day for questions! Nobody’s in a rush and you won’t be disappointed about the answers!

But there’s also for some shopping before actually going home. The Dutch Delegation will be visiting the Las Vegas North Premium Outlets again this year and daddy needs some new jeans. And since they’re cheaper in the US of A anyway, buying them at a US outlet will save me so much money, the money almost flows back into my wallet! Amazing. ‘Mericah! Everything is possible over there. Note to self: leave room in suitcase for new clothes.

Friday, packing lugage

Now what should I do on Friday? In 2012 I joined the Dutch Delegation and we visited the GC; in 2013 I visited the Valley of Fire with my friends Mark and Allen and last year I drove to Zion National Park with my colleagues Jon and Vincze, so to keep my trips exciting and since I at least want to see something new, I was thinking about going to Bryce Canyon, but maybe that’s a bad idea, since it’s a 3 to 4 hour drive. I’m not sure about the Friday yet. Maybe I will walk around a bit and participate in this new trend: taking selfies!

Flying home to the family

It seems I’m missing mothers’ day every year since 2013, so I hope I will arrive home early, so I can be there when Elisa, our daughter, surprises my wife with some breakfast in bed and school-made gifts.

It will be a busy week and I’m glad I am able to fall asleep just about anywhere, so I think I’m going to try sleeping on the plane. See you in Vegas!

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