Las Vegas 2013 – the Valley of Fire

Friday May 10: Valley of Fire

We discussed it on ECN since February I think and I managed to get 2 more people interested in taking this trip with me: Allen Ward and Mark Browne. Since it was only an hour North of Las Vegas we decided not to start the day too early and we had a small but tasty little breakfast at “Cafe Presse”, next to the V-bar (there are more than 1 in the Venetian/Palazzo building). We rented a VW Jetta (I think) and we drove off to our little 1 day adventure. The more we drove away from Vegas, the more the desert and its heat impressed us. It took about half an hour to reach the highway exit and another half an hour on a bumpy road to reach the National Park entry point. The sight was amazing. Red rock everywhere you looked, but also red, grey and I even spotted some blue and yellow.Valley of Fire

Valley of FireThe three of us had our cameras with us and I think it’s safe to say that we took more pictures on this trip than during the whole week in Vegas itself! But what can I say about this awesome place other than that we enjoyed it a lot and we already talked about a sequel for 2014, if we have the opportunity.

Allen climbing
Allen risking his life for a great photo!
Allen climbing three Stooges

The three Stooges

large, larger, largest

Actually standing next to eachother here: large, larger and largest


Ask the shaman

In the 3 weeks before EMC World Allen and I participated (together with Sergey) in this event called “Ask the Expert” which ended on Wednesday the 8th of May with a video shoot hosted by Cisco (Amy Lewis) called “Engineers Unplugged” and after seeing some old petroglyphs we decided to do a little localized ATE session called, “Ask the Shaman”. It’s still not quite clear what it was about since the petroglyphs weren’t that clear to us as well. Mark surely didn’t understand as you can see on the photo. Allen and I are trying to figure out what our ancestors wanted to document for their future, but actually I think it makes perfectly good sense: it’s 2 parents (without heads) calling their two children to come indoor for a bacon dinner!

For the rest of the park I’d say, let the photos speak for itself.

This is proof that Starship Enterprise indeed did some timetraveling. The cavemen that used to live here sculpted a monument in their honor!!

Curvy road. What a gorgeous view!

Is that rain over there? Luckily we didn’t get any of that.

These colors are breath taking!

Caveman caught in action.

A little red, yellow and blue.

The Bee hives


The 7 sisters. Well, 3 of them anyway.

Gorgeous little red flower.


And driving “home” again

It’s not so hidden anymore, I guess

A typical American biiig road in a small vilage.

It sure was a wonderful trip.

  1. looks like you guys had fun, great photos.

  2. Hrvoje Crvelin

    Great! Curvy road is my favorite!

  3. The fun this was that on Facebook the “enchanted nature” page posted a similar picture as mine at almost the same time. Yeah, it was a fun trip! We should definately do this again.

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