How to get started setting up ESRS on the latest OE for Block and MCx codes

It’s just another short post on a single command again. This time I was looking for an easy way to get started on ESRS on the latest OE for Block code or the newer MCx code (33.071 or newer).

First of all you need to set up DNS in your VNX machine. In Unisphere, go to settings and click on “configure DNS”.

Also, if there’s a firewall blocking internet traffic, you need to make sure the storage processors can reach * over tcp ports 443 and 8443.

After this you can use the following command on the CLI:

naviseccli -h [SPx ip#] esrsconfig -agentProvision -user [Online Support logon name] –password [Online Support super secret password]

Repeat this for the other SP as well.

You could also do this in Unisphere, First click on “system” in the top bar and then choose “Manage ESRS”:Manage ESRS

Repeat this step for the other SP as well.

After this process ends (you could get a JAVA error and that’s why I prefer the CLI) click “ok” and click on “Manage ConnectEMC”:

Manage ConnectEMC

Set ESRS as the primary priority and email as secondary and fill out the 4 lines below.

And now you’re good to go.

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