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DIP upgrade from EMC VNX 5500 to VNX 5700

Data In Place upgrading an EMC VNX 5500 to VNX 5700

Last week I had the pleasure of being involved in a data in place upgrade of a VNX 5500 that was in desperate need of more capacity and performance. The decision was made to perform a DIP, so this is in fact an easy procedure: replace the Storage Processors and you’re good to go? Well, almost.

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EMC World 2013 – day 3

EMC World 2013, day 3


Sergey and RobWednesday started with breakfast in the great food room in the basement. I don’t know any other name for this enormous place. And for the second time this week I ran into Sergey on my way there. I think he was following me around, I’m not sure. Hmmmm.

Engineers unplugged

The whole day Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) was running around preparing for her “engineers unplugged” video shoots and white board sessions in the EMC Elect lounge. Read more »

What would you do with $5,000 worth of EMC training?


A lot of the people who are following the events going on before and during EMC World noticed the contest “Transform Yourself with EMC Proven Professional”, right? EMC Education is now extending it to May 31.

So now more people have a chance to participate in the contest and possibly win $5,000 worth of trainings!! Personally I think this is a great opportunity!! In the next 2 weeks you will see more tweets and Facebook messages about this, so don’t wait: participate!


What would you do with $5,000 worth of EMC training? Enter here to win!

EMC Elect 2014, the nominations are open!

During EMC World 2013 feedback from many community members indicated that the first nomination period was just too short in order to attract a decent amount of attention for this new program.

EMC Elect Nominations are open

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EMC World 2013 – day 2

EMC World 2013, day 2

Being one of the Elect has its advantages. And so I watched the whole Tucci keynote show from our exclusive lounge area and I wasn’t the only one. I guess about 10 or 15 other Elect members had the exact same idea and saw it all on our wide screen tv. Sipping from a double espresso, enjoying the show. It was all about transforming. Again. Wasn’t that what last year was about too? Well, this time it’s about transforming the organisation to be prepared for the cloud. Everything at EMC World is about software defined storage and cloud and getting certified for all that.

Super hero the XYZ men

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EMC World 2013 – day 1: SuperNAP and Cisco

EMC World 2013, day 1: SuperNAP and Cisco

SuperNAP PowerSuperNAP Stargate

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Las Vegas 2013, travel day, tourist day and meeting day

Travel day, Friday May 3

Once again I was over excited from the whole trip to Vegas, that I decided to watch some episodes that were laying around. And just when I decided that I really needed a powernap of an hour or so, Jørg Krause (@fopieNo) decided to send me messages on Facebook so I only got about 10 minutes of sleep or so. I had breakfast around 4AM and at 5:30 I drove off to pick up Jon (@JonKlaus) and Menno (@MennodeLiege) and we drove to Düsseldorf Airport in Germany. Parking at that early hour was easy and after going through customs we waited for the take off so I could finally catch up on some sleep.

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