EMC World 2013 – day 2

EMC World 2013, day 2

Being one of the Elect has its advantages. And so I watched the whole Tucci keynote show from our exclusive lounge area and I wasn’t the only one. I guess about 10 or 15 other Elect members had the exact same idea and saw it all on our wide screen tv. Sipping from a double espresso, enjoying the show. It was all about transforming. Again. Wasn’t that what last year was about too? Well, this time it’s about transforming the organisation to be prepared for the cloud. Everything at EMC World is about software defined storage and cloud and getting certified for all that.

Super hero the XYZ men


Speaking of certification: today is the World Wide Proven Professional Day. And to top that off EMC started an Extreme Certification Challenge on Monday and so I just had to enter that challenge. One Cloud specific exam and two VNX Expert level exams. Well, let’s just say that I passed for my VNX Technology Architect Expert exam 😉 Took me the greater part of the day, but I have an extra Expert cert in the pocket!



Allen-Sue-RobEMC World 2013 for me is all about socializing: meeting old friends, making new ones and seeing people that I’ve been working with for a long time or worked with a long time ago. It all happens in Vegas. The end of the day was all about rewarding people for writing great articles: the knowledge sharing contest and we saw Tom Clancy talking about transformation and certification as well as the knowledge sharing contest. He was followed by Jeremy Burton, Alok Shrivastava and of course Chad Sakac. Man, Chad sure has some serious energy flowing through his veins. I wonder is he installed FAST Cache or something. He is so incredible energetic and present!! I love this guy!

DD V-barthe gangAfter a pleasant get together with the Dutch Delegation in the V-bar I headed off to the Zebra bar and lounge for the EMC Elect appreciation party. Everybody was there and the atmosphere was just fantastic. Being able to talk to so many people and enjoying the great music was just fantastic.

 Zebra band

Day’s end…

No geek anymore pleaseI can imagine that quite a few people loved it when the chatting was about normal things instead of geek talk.

But then again: this is EMC World, where geeks live 🙂


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