EMC Elect 2014, the nominations are open!

During EMC World 2013 feedback from many community members indicated that the first nomination period was just too short in order to attract a decent amount of attention for this new program.

EMC Elect Nominations are open

So this time EMC decided to open up the nomination rounds a lot earlier than before in order to allow people to think about people they’d like to nominate a little longer and (most importantly) allow more people to know about the event. So spread the word and make sure that EMC Elect will be known throughout the whole community before the end of the nomination period!


  • Nominations for 2014 are from now until November 15th
  • Please use this link to nominate: http://emc.im/YWyPI6
  1. Damn it feels like the 2013 nominations were only yesterday, time flies ….

    • It was, but as you can read this is done because more people can now learn about this program, so it’s more wide spread than last time.

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