Software-Defined Data Center Symposium 2014

Tech Field Day plans SDDC Symposium

Being part of the SFD5 gang I was invited to join the Software-Defined Datacenter Symposium as well! This event will feature many key figures from the industry and end-user community, and will include discussions of OpenFlow, software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined storage, converged infrastructure, and the greater software-defined future!

Note that the event capacity is severely constrained. Therefore, the SDDC Symposium is focusing on end-user implementors and encouraging others to participate online by viewing the live video stream on this page!

SDDC Symposium 2014 highlights:

Architecture in the SDDC Panel – A discussion about the convergence of compute, storage, and networking and what this means for the future of data center architecture.
The CapEx / OpEx Battleground Panel – Budgets in the SDDC are tight. Should you budget for traditional big expenditures? Or will monthly fees lure you to the operational model? Panelists discuss the pros and cons of each approach.
SDDC in the Sunlight: Real World Use Cases Panel – Technology discussions and protocol arguments solve little. The real world is where SDDC technologies will be proven. The panelists will discuss real world applications of SDDC technology from a business case perspective as well as interesting deployments seen in actual networks.

When: Tuesday, April 22, 2014, from 8 AM to 5 PM
Where: Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA
Who: End-users interested in SDN and SDDC
How: Here you can get the tickets. The good news is that I’m able to offer you a $25 discount. Use the code “TFDVIP25” to get the special discount! The tickets include a buffet style lunch.

Check out the full details of the SDDC Symposium 2014 event at the Tech Field Day website here!

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