Storage Field Day 5 – what’s happening?

Storage Field Day 5

Suddenly, I received this tweet. Something about Tech Field Day, Storage Field Day. What? Ok, I actually met Stephen Foskett last year in Las Vegas and I know Gabrie Van Zanten, a colleague of mine, visited the TFD event. Also Roy Mikes, another friend of mine attended the event in the past. I had a decent share of information about the event, but it was still no surprise that I was honored by the invitation I received.

Software Defined Data Center Symposium

The first full day the delegates will attend the SDDC Symposium in Santa Clara. On April 22 the whole day is for discussions of OpenFlow, software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined storage, converged infrastructure, and the greater software-defined future! I’m quite curious who will be there, what we can discuss about and the depth in which discussions will go, but I guess I’ll have to see and find out. It’s exciting for sure!

The actual SFD5 event

It’s going to be 3 fully packed days of technical deep dives into the latest and greatest of the companies listed here. Obviously, being a tech guy, this might end up with blowing my brains, but I’m willing to take a chance on this. I will most likely be surprised, entertained, taught and brought up to speed with the latest of new technologies.

Breaking down the event into separate sessions: I must admit that I know a few of the companies presenting here and on the others I had to some research to find out what they’re doing on today’s market.



Their storage hardware and software is aiming at the clouds above us. Intuitive design and ease of use are key selling points. I’m curious to learn more when they open SFD5!


Offering server optimization software for storage back ends, they claim to reduce latency from milliseconds to micro seconds. Impressive! Their middle layer optimized software (am I using the right words here?) is what they excel in. Integrate their FVP and leverage the existing storage hardware to a new level. Sounds good to me!

Scale ComputingScale_Logo_High_Res-wpcf_200x76

All-in-one. They are promoting to be a one shop stop for virtualization environments. Their hardware has the storage, computing power and virtualization capabilities a modern company needs these days. They claim to be scalable and easy accessible using a web portal. Well, I guess I’ll have to find out!


What can I say? They’ve been around since I still went to school and their Symmetrix systems are world-famous. They’re known for robust storage solutions, and their recent VNX2 line has proven to be flash worthy. They offer various products for storage, backup, cloud, management, monitoring. You name it and they have the technology. But what else is coming in the near future? What will their crystal ball reveal to us?


For some time breaking the 1 Million IOps barrier seemed to be a magical quest. I’ve done some digging into SolidFire’s products and I must admit that seeing their competitive comparison, this barrier seems quite low compared to what they’re capable of. I’m very curious about their technological challenges!


This is another one I know since more than 15 years ago. For me it all started with a Sony Memory stick for my PC100 DV digital camcorder. They produced cheaper and faster flash memory for my digital images. But they’ve evolved into something bigger than just that. They’re still doing flash, but their focus is now also on FlashSoft Software which is aimed at reducing latency to the flash back end.


Veeam has been a player in the backup market since a few years already and we all know its name. They’re a backup specialist for virtual machines and they’re doing a fine job. Very catchy green looking logo and focused on ease of operations. I’m keen on hearing what they have to say.

Diablo TechnologiesDiablo-technologies-wpcf_200x76

MCI. Need I say more? It’s buzzing now since about half a year or so, this new flash technology. Using the Memory Channel Interface this connects the true power of flash to the actual fastest bus inside a computer. No more SATA/SAS/FC or even PCIe interfaces! No!!! Simply plug flash directly onto the memory bus itself! I actually thought this was technology for the somewhat distant future, but to my surprise it’s a reality already. It seems Diablo Technologies feels right at home here! Can’t wait to find out more!


The agenda can also be seen here:

It all starts on Tuesday April 22, 2014!

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