Using putty instead of the default ssh from Cisco device manager

How do I configure Cisco DCNM so Putty starts when I select to go to the command line of a switch?

right click on switch

If you right click on a switch in the overview section in DCNM, you can go to the command line of that switch, but how do you change the default CLI SSH into Putty (or another telnet / SSH capable tool)?

In my example Putty would be the tool I want to start when I choose to go to the command line interface.

Configuring DCNM to choose putty is quite easy actually! First check the complete path where putty (or that other SSH tool you want to use) resides. In my example it’s here:


Now select “file” in the upper left of the screen:



Then “preferences”:


And in the middle of the window you’ll see two while editable text lines.

enther the path here

If putty is located in “C:\……\Applications\Putty\putty.exe”, adding “$host” will enable the telnet functionality and putting “-ssh $user@$host” at the end will enable SSH and will auto-fill the username when the prompt appears after you choose to open the CLI of a switch.

That’s all!

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