Dell EMC World 2016 Austin, TX, USA

You’ve all heard the news last week (at least, I think you did): On September 7 the huge merger between Dell and EMC took place, making the Dell Technologies transaction the biggest technology company integration in history! So the digital transformation is really here, and Dell Technologies / Dell EMC is leading the way. From October 18 to 20, Dell EMC will host business and IT leaders from around the world for the biggest enterprise technology event of the year, Dell EMC World 2016 in Austin, Texas. And I received an invite to join the EMC Elect and Dell Rock Stars to report on the news that Michael Dell and others will bring us. Many thanks go to Mark Browne, who made sure EMC Elect people were invited to be present at this event. We’ll be in super secret influencer meetings, sneak peek preview breakfasts and we’ll be sitting in a reserved seat section to watch Michael Dell perform on stage! Yeah, I’m pretty excited! After being invited to the VNX2 launch in Milan in 2013, I’m once again present at a major event as part of the EMC Elect.

If you still have any travel budget left, make sure to join us on Monday evening (Oct 17) for a recreational offline meetup (or online, you never know until it’s too late) and in the official event to learn how you can transform your organization into a digital enterprise through innovations in the IT business, security and workforce modernization. We’re very curious to learn how Dell EMC will empower our businesses with new insights across cloud, mobility, big data, Internet of Things, security and storage. Especially the storage and hyper-converged part of the industry will take up most of my time, since storage is what I was used to deal with from the EMC side of things and servers (and thus hyper-converged) from the Dell side of the industry.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in Austin, to quote the Dell EMC World website: where the sun is warm, the most delicious food comes on trucks and the country’s best musicians play live every night!

To sum up some of the events:

Monday evening (Oct 17)

  • For most people this is travel day. Some fly in from across the USA or Canada, some will be in the air for a day (like me) when traveling from Europe or even farther
  • EMC Elect and Dell Rock Star meetup at the #vBBQ, so when you are still making plans, make sure to arrive early and join us at this delicious event!

Tuesday Oct 18

  • Late arrivals
  • Welcome reception

Wednesday Oct 19

  • 9:00 AM Dell World Opening General Session – A Future-Ready World
  • Breakout sessions (100+)
  • Self-paced labs (30+)

Thursday Oct 20

  • Breakout sessions (100+)
  • Self-paced labs (30+)
  • Closing General Session
  • Travel home for most of the people

I’ll be traveling between 5PM Texas time on Thursday the 20th and roughly 6PM Central European Time with layovers in Atlanta and Paris. I’m not too thrilled about Paris though, since it’s only an hour and a half and I’ve never been to CDG so far. I hope it will be a smooth walk between the 2 airplanes.

See you all in Austin and if you’re not there: follow the EMC Elect and Dell Rock Stars on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. There will be live streams and twitter feeds to keep you up to date of what’s going on!!

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