Dell EMC Elect 2017: the list

It’s been a while since my last post and there’s no good reason why I didn’t post this earlier, except that life’s been very very busy for me lately. But then again, so it is for all of us, right?

Anyway, last week, on March 29 to be precise, the judging was over and we presented the new list of Elect members. After the merger of Dell Rockstar and EMC Elect, we had to come up with a new program that would combine both groups and form a representative list of professionals who share their passion for the Dell EMC enterprise environment. Being a part of the founders, again, me and the other founders discussed the name of the new group and how we would judge the nominees. I wrote a post on that a little while ago actually. This new advocacy program will be know as the

Dell EMC Elect

Out of 600 nominations we filtered our way to the finalists, which produced the final list of 153 Dell EMC Elect. The complete list can be found here: THE LIST. So who are these illustrious Elect people? Would you like to have a chat with one (or more) of them? On DECN (Dell EMC Community Network aka “the forums”) there’s an interesting post on meeting and greeting with the Elect during Dell EMC World in Las Vegas. From May 8 to May 11 what used to be called EMC World is now called Dell EMC World. We had a preview of Dell EMC World in Austin in October last year, but in May 2017, it will be bigger, better and more complete than the Texas version in 2016. Will we see you there? Come and meet with us, talk to us, hear our insights and opinions, but we’ll also love to hear from you and your thoughts on the continuously changing IT world.

Congratulations to all Dell EMC Elect 2017 people!

Dell EMC Elect

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