The king is dead, long live the king: Dell EMC Elect is born!

Now that Dell and EMC have merged, both advocacy programs have ended as well. No more Dell Rockstar and EMC Elect, but a brand “new” program has emerged!!

As an EMC Elect founder I loved being part of the EMC Elect from the very beginning in Q4 of 2012, but times are changing and a new era has started: I guess that’s how life changes as well and this time it was a good change! The advocacy program we’ve all been proud of, whether that was the Dell Rockstar or the EMC Elect, was booming! I can only speak of the Elect and being able to talk to people about it, as a real advocate should be doing, was great.

Michael Dell finally meets the Elect

And then there was the very first Dell EMC World

The event in Austin, TX in October 2016 started as Dell World, but after Dell Technologies formed and Dell and EMC merged, the event was rebranded into Dell EMC World. Along with quite a few respectable members of the Rockstar and Elect community, I was given a chance to be part of the social influencer bunch and I loved it!

EMC World has been great in the past few years, but this time in Austin was fantastic! All of us got to meet Mr Dell himself! In fact, Michael Dell is an EMC Elect 2016 himself, so he’s actually a part of our group 🙂 During the event we got access to special briefings, interviews and a chance to socialize with many people from well-known IT magazines, market leaders and so on! And being in Austin, compared to Las Vegas, was nice, less fake and less “loud”. I really liked Austin!

In the past the EMC Elect had special exclusive meetings where information was given under embargo, so we could write about this and have blog posts, tweets and what not ready to be published right at the exact moment when new equipment, features or announcements were made. This way our articles got out at the very moment the news got out into the open and this will not change. It’s fun to see how many people are waiting for blog posts like ours to get the new products analyzed by so many different people and different opinions.

But the Dell Rockstar / EMC Elect year 2016 has come to an end and a merged, new group will be formed with a new name. In the last few weeks there was a buzz going round about the new name and many people were asked to come up with one. Being a part of the new founder group I thought “Wizards” was a nice name, but also “Advocates”, “RockElectStars”, “Social Champion” and “Gurus” were named by other founders, but because of the overload in communication we already generated in the last few years concerning the former EMC Elect we all agreed upon a reuse of the Elect name, so here it is:

Dell Rockstar / EMC Elect is dead, long live Dell EMC Elect!

a new course

I mean, why let a perfectly good and accepted name die and come up with a new one and start all over again with promoting the new brand name? No, the Elect name is perfectly fine, the only thing that changed is that’s it’s no longer EMC Elect, but has become Dell EMC Elect and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m actually already used to it!

Nominations are open!

And with a new year of Social Champions, Wizards, Advocates, I mean Dell EMC Elect coming up, we need names! So start nominating, folks! Just like in previous years there’s a web form to fill out. So if you know anyone who deserves to be named Elect, by which I mean he or she has acted as an advocate for Dell, EMC or Dell EMC on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ (does that still exist?) or if he / she talks to groups of people in public, YouTube, blogs or any other form of public advocacy for “our” brand: fill out the form and make sure the judges get a chance to verify the accomplishments of that person. By the way: self-nomination is absolutely permitted as you’re only making sure the judges get to judge you too and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Nominations are open until March 17, so you have roughly 3 weeks to name your favorites. Don’t hesitate and fill our list with good advocates: the Dell EMC Elect!

If you want to nominate somebody to be judged and possibly to become a Dell EMC Elect 2017 member, please fill out this form:

Dell EMC Elect

Use THIS form to nominate people:

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