Spring 2013 is finally taking off!

Winter is coming going

And now for a little non-technical post from me: over here, in Europe, we’ve been suffering from a long period of time we call “winter”, although having 5C / 41F in March and April is way below average. Last week we enjoyed a day of above 15C / 59F and this week it seems temperatures are finally staying at reasonable levels. We’re able to go outside without a coat and even stay there a while without getting cold!

We have 2 cats. The oldest of the two (18 months) has a thick winter “coat”, but the youngest (6 months) still has a thin nest coat and she doesn’t like going out too much yet. But the sun is now shining and temps are finally increasing to 20C / 68F today and even 23C / 73F tomorrow. But I’ll be working, so no sitting in the sun for me 🙁

But on the bright side it’s only 9 days now and I’ll be flying over the Atlantic to meet with a lot of friends at EMC World in Las Vegas! Temperatures should be even higher there and I’m so much looking forward to it, that I’m a bit afraid it’s all going to be over before we realize it even started.

But it’s not Vegas time just yet! There’s still time to check the things I need to bring with me like my suitcase, camera, laptop, airplane tickets, iPhone apps from AA and BA so I don’t have to worry about boarding tickets. I used the BA APP for the first time last year and it worked like a charm. No more paper, yeah! I reserved a parking place in Dusseldorf (Germany) and I will meet the two colleagues that are going with me at 6AM already on Friday the 3rd of May: Jon Klaus (FastStorage.eu), who was in Vegas too last year and Menno de Liege (MennodeLiege.nl). Both colleagues and myself are EMC Elect 2013 and we’re going to meet a bunch of other Elect and we are looking forward to it!

Vegas, here we come!!! 🙂

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