Social acknowledgement: Cisco Champion for Datacenter

Cisco does Social Media recognition

It didn’t come as a surprise: after Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert and the relative new EMC Elect program, Cisco just started another social champions program called “Cisco Champion for Datacenter”.

Who is that typical Cisco Champion? You’ve got to have passion and the desire to share your perspectives with the community. Cisco Champions are spread all over the world. Champions represent various segments across the whole IT industry and they spend their own private time to help others.

In addition to sharing their insights and expertise, Cisco Champions make a difference by:

  • Supporting their peers in social communities, forums and networks
  • Sharing their relevant experiences and thoughts on Cisco blogs
  • Providing valuable feedback directly to Cisco
  • And even more (so they say, but exactly what is still unclear)

Cisco Champions have a unique opportunity to contribute to and enhance the way people use the latest technologies. They also receive:

  • Recognition for their contributions
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • Opportunities to directly communicate with Cisco employees

Questions about the Cisco Champions Program? Contact Cisco.

What is the Cisco Champions Program?

More information can be found on the following URLs:

The purpose of the Cisco Champions Program is to create and nurture a network of people who are passionate about Cisco and enjoy sharing their knowledge, expertise and thoughts across the social web and with Cisco.

The Cisco Champions program encompasses different areas of interest and geographical areas within the company, providing a variety of opportunities for Champions to participate in the program.

Who is eligible to be a Cisco Champion?

This program is open to individual Cisco enthusiasts who are 18 years of age or older. An ideal Cisco Champion:

  • Is active on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, what else comes to mind)
  • Expresses positive sentiment about Cisco (that’s no surprise)
  • Has expertise in the IT industry (duh)
  • Chooses to actively participate in conversations relevant to Cisco and the IT industry

Cisco reserves the final right to select Cisco Champion status for an individual.

How are Cisco Champion members selected?

Members can be selected in two ways:

  • Cisco identifies potential candidates that meet the criteria outlined above
  • Candidates can nominate themselves or their peers for consideration in the program

What are the benefits of being a Cisco Champion?

Benefits of the Cisco Champions program include, but are not limited to:

  • Exclusive meeting and event opportunities (does that mean champions will get to go to Cisco Live?)
  • Special access to certain technology groups and executives
  • Invitations to provide feedback to Cisco on various topics
  • Sneak peeks
  • A digital Cisco Champion badge that can be used in email signatures, websites, and social networks during the membership years. See guidelines here.

How do Cisco Champions share their membership status?

Cisco Champions are welcome to share their membership status in the following ways:

  • Feature their electronic Cisco Champion badges in any email signature, personal website, and social website profile
  • Include the hashtag #CiscoChampion in any tweet
  • Talk about Cisco Champions and their membership in the program offline
  • Wear and use official Cisco Champion logo wear and accessories if and when they become available

What are the requirements for maintaining Cisco Champions membership?

Cisco Champion members are encouraged to stay engaged in the program through activities such as, but not limited to:

  • Interacting with and supporting fellow Cisco users in their own social networks and on Cisco social networks
  • Contributing Cisco or industry expertise through blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, or other online social channels
  • Engaging and attending exclusive Cisco Champion events, calls, sessions, and more
  • As the program evolves, engagement opportunities will evolve as well

Cisco reserves the right to remove Cisco Champion status for an individual. Reasons may be but are not limited to:

  • Not staying active in the program
  • Identifying oneself a Cisco representative
  • Attacking or negatively inflaming online conversations or otherwise making disparaging comments
  • Accepting a job with a Cisco competitor
  • Any other reason in Cisco’s sole discretion

What interest areas and geographical locations does the Cisco Champions Program cover?

The Cisco Champions Program encompasses many interests and locations. This is our current list. More interest areas will be posted soon.

  • Cisco Champions for Corporate
  • Cisco Champions for Data Center
  • Cisco Champions for India

Questions? Contact Cisco or talk my colleague and social nerd Rob Rademakers.

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